Late 1800's - Early 1900s

"Bohemian Fiddle"

Fresh Setup by Violins Etc, Austin Texas 7-2016

I asked Kyle for a verbal appraisal after it was all back in working order and he said
"Between  2000 -3000, maybe more"
He had it played for me and the tone was described as "Clean, not Strident and not Dark, and very easy to play"
My other Violin pal Mark Rubin says
 "Out of one of the finer Bohemian workshops of the day, and the only Violin you have ever came upon that was worth looking at"

New fitted Bridge
New Sound Post
New Strings
1 seam sealed
 Many good old repairs over time, they all seemed to think I had done well.
Nippon Bow- Good Cond.
Lifton Case-Good Cond.