Barry's First "Real" Banjo
1963 TB 250 Mastertone

Back in the day!!!

And Mom is still going strong, just auditioned for "America's Got Talent"

IN THE HAVEN 1-14 !!!!
On the TB800


Down from AK after a visit with his folks in Indiana.
We just did our normal Banjo swapping / quick visit for a nice evening and a BBQ, then back off to Indiana he went.
Why we didnt snap a final pic of him on the 250.....oh well!
He traded me for one of my Mondello tenors, I hope it gives him as good a service as the 250.
Why we didn't take a pic of him playing that..........oh well at least I can get that!
The 800 is here to go on the blocks for sale
Here I am playing on it back in the early 2000's

It's a fine playing banjo with alot of character, well taken care of.
Some special order binding/inlay, its a little neater 800 than many.
I'll wipe it off and stick new strings on it, thats all it needs.

Dont you just love that Surfer Hair?
He sent me some too, just from an older Sled Dog!

Now that the smoke has cleared and shop is back in order, I'll knock this one out because I want to play it on a special Gig.
I doubt it will be leaving my possesion anytime soon!

All wiped down
Flange is flared but VG condition
Aftermarket engraved tension hoop an armrest look cool.

The Jumbos have seen all the use associated with a real player, and will be retired for 147 Stewmac wire

Ill clean and wax it, the checking is normal for Gibson instruments of this era and is just patina

Directional Klusons, all work VG

One truss hole to refill, and Ill make a cover for it until I spot an orig out there
I will rebuild the nut as well


Aftermarket flange is not to Gibson specs and will not go onto the bead properly (Pulled up by my thumb)
It wants to shift one way or the other so I will just use the original, its fine with that flaring.
So back apart!

Now with the hew head and old flange, we are ready for the neckwork

These pieces were available in the 70-80s but BG and I could not remember the supplier.

There was an eyebolt a feller stuck in the heel for him as a strap bracket
Now he doesnt ever have to see that hideous thing again.
Ebony dust , Superglue and wax paper to flatten it while drying

All gone bye bye!

Frets headed to Drawers of Fame :)

All done, oiling board up a few times its ready

Time to assemble

Single Co Rod model


New  temp truss cover

Tuned to pitch, hitting on all eight cylinders
GHS Strings and REMO head and Presto tailpiece.... courtesy of
Will adjust the truss after it settles back in
Presto tailpiece for now


OK, she is good to go for another 50 years Buddy and will be ready for you when you get out