Plectrum Banjo
Former owner

Cathy Reilly-Finn

Shown playing my Mondello Accutone Tenor-AZ Banjo Blast

WARNING-Graphic content!
Oysters and Fish and Trees were injured and killed long before they were made into inlay and glue and banjos :)

Her Dad had an unfortunate incident, and it was not the first time I have seen such a tragedy

Musicians get in a hurry sometimes and he accidentally backed over his Ome while it was in a soft case and it took the neck all the way out
Cathy had it for years and got it to me, so I could get it back into the parts world and re-purpose the peghead inlay, fingerboard, truss rod
And have a carving example from the heel.
The rest is in tiny pieces so the head stock will just be good for a few inlay

I pulled the board the rest of the way off, and will clean the bottom side
I repaired a small chip on it on the side of the 1 fret block and repaired that one piece of inlay thats gone from it

After pulling the  filler stick, Ican get the truss out
 It can be re-bent striaght and re-used

Heel adjustable

Neck pockets
Fragility of Trussed necks vs Laminated

As you can see, on the Ome, which has a thin fast neck, the pocket is cut all the way into the laminate,
This is up by the peghead.

After cutting the shattered wood, it is the same at the heel

So this is how it looks going thru the neck
The problem I have with this is that laminates separate with heat/cold/wet/dry cycles and when they are compromised there is no rigidity on the back side of the truss rod.
So I feel that 2 piece necks that are laminated and then trussed, and made thin, can be more susceptible to warp and bow just from going across the nation.
I have seen it first hand on Ome and other instruments of this design.
There is always a trade -off when you go for a certain way of building
If the filler stick loses its glue bond, it will pop the fingerboard up  and off. Seen that too.

Even the shards from under the fingerboard will be re-used, as shimwood

Well Ms. C, at least that looks a little better in this guise eh?
Trying to make the best of a bad situation!
All parts are marked so that if my kids are left with it they will know its history
XO Vinnie