Rob Wright's

(Pictured with his current banjo, a beauty
(The pressure is on)

Accutone Plectrum

11" Flathead
Gill Quilted Maple Resonator
Cox Rolled Maple rim
Red Stain

Steve Gill Mfg, Quilted Maple

Cut for Granada style bindings

Ebony Fingerboard, that will have ACCUTONE inlay
Rim by Jimmy Cox, Rolled Maple

That hardware is not part of this project, but the rim is


Nice FQMS Stage 4 flamed maple blank in foreground, that I have chosen to matches Rob's Resonator grain.

In Process

Along with 2 others in the process

First coats of sealer after staining

Rim completed

Serial # stamped under tone ring

Taking on a little clear, before I bind the resonator

Neck Work


I have gotten two necks profiled and the one in the rear will be Rob's

The striping is broader which I want with this resonator

Fingerboards installed and slotted, ready for inlay
Binding channels have already been routed
fully adjustable Truss rod installed

After adding the binding, it is time to clean the newly installed "Granada" style bindings

Ready to start adding clear over the sealer

Woodcarving, By Rob's Dad

This Accutone will be sporting something "extra"!
Rob's Dad learned to carve and whittle when he was young, starting out carving figurines out of a crayon, with a paper clip for a tool.
So we let him go to town, designing what he wanted .
So he devised a sort of "tree of life" type scene, with figures climbing towards the heavens..................

And since its a plectrum, its a LONG climb!
Rob would have to stop three times just for drinks :)

But when you get to the top, the view is AWESOME!!!
I think he did a top flite job, and I will be pressed on the stain work LOL

Now the neck is up with Dave at Custom Inlay, and he is scratchin' his head, trying to figure out just what inlay pattern goes with it, and I told him "You are the custom inlay man....DEAL WITH IT"!!
So we will see what he adds to this very unique Accutone.

And now...........for the inlay

I met with Dave and Nadine Nichols today up in Texarkana Tx.
They were on a short vacation and Dave worked hard to get done with his part so that we can wrap this up for Rob by the AZ blast.
So we had a good visit, they are great folks and it was  wonderful to meet them.
I gave Dave a free reign with this baby, and he didn't let us down
White MOP for the name, with Abalone  used in the vine construction
The figurines are.....get this..............
"Fossilized Siberian Mammoth tusk" !!
How cool is that??
Pics do NOT do the work justice with all the lens glare, but it is super nice.



Ok, lets put some fretwire in
Stewmac 147, look it up
Always use alcohol to wipe fretwire down, it still has oodles of machine oil from the mfg process
And super glue if needed, will stick to anything but grease.

And now Rob, Dave's strategically placed flowers as fret markers can better be seen.
And I get to sweat bullets while I final cut the inlay and complete the fret slot
Increasingly larger bullets as I near the ivory
5:43 am, the witching hour....... as I am still working not just getting up!

You have no idea the pressure, of following Dave with a hand cut fret saw.
I'll bet he WINCES when he sees this :)
I guess nerves of steel from fighting Oil well blowouts helps here.
As does coffee, and more coffee

Ok, she survived the first surgery!

Almost to where they cannot be set by the hand press, I will change methods.........

Here you can see all the important fret markers were implemented
As Rob would say

Its nap time, I made it this far, I had to, Rob pumped me up, as did Dave's efforts.


Frets all in, and ends filed
I'm glad that part is over, now for the next episode of "Pressure Island" :)

Ok lets get to binding this thing.
I am using 3 part binding, in the Granada style to match the resonator
A thin strip of White and black have been sealed together, and installed first

Let it set and then I install a white binding that will extend to the top of fingerboard, it is taller, so must be cut down.

After it dries, I will profile it.

Taking the excess off the sides

Taking the tops down,...steady as she goes...............
Stop when you hear metal :)

Final profiling with razor, I will allow binding to stand tall against fret tips in the late Gibson style

ready for final sanding smoothing
Now for the other side
Its fun, not scuffing into the fingerboard is "the rule" so wear magnifiers!

Ready for side markers

Making the heel cap.
I had some thin Black/white in squares, so I decided to lay one white side down and meet the blacks in the center
Staying with the binding theme and using up free plastic!
They get scuffed so the glues bite in

Ready to trim


Hardware arrival

Other " personal touches ".An MOP engraved "Accutone truss cover"
An engraved plaque for the inside of the banjo and..........

I wanted to personalized it in this manner, discreetly.

First assembly-rim

Logo plate lends dignity

Nice fit on tone ring, not too tight

Flange is landing as it should, thats a clear head, lets get some hook sets on it and get this tone ring seating in.

I will cover it up, and let it "sleep" while I get back on the neck and resonator
Just checking fit, for now
So as long as we are "Mocking up" lets look a little more into its future :).....

And a look with the resonator on
heel cut in it will be next....and now a look with the neck stuck up top.........
Reso is not closed up, no heel cut yet but now you can get a look Rob.