Make tenor instrument from
Snow Shoe
Vega Style N Banjo Neck
Cookie Can
...Seem's's Barry's idea :)


No fancy technical talk, we will cut to the chase.
Figuring scale and mounting ideas

will have to go lower to get head clearance, I'll cut into the dowel

Can arrives

I like the sunken top, will cut it down and use the bottom for added strength, tenor tuning would crush it if it had to rely on the leather supports.

Scale length and where I want the bridge will place me here.

Shaping the mounting areas

Bottom ready to figure the mount

 Mounting the base

Now to get more retention, it wants to pull on the lid and bow it under CGDA, I can fix that
Added  dots at 3 and 15, and side markers.
5 star tuners
Simple Grover tailepiece
It will take about a 1" bridge, alot of down force and a short air gap, I do not want tinny overtones.
Will pain the neck black on final assembly

Making a couple more bracings for the bottom, then will seal it all back up.

Making a "Gasket" to get a good seal from top to bottom

Soaked in CA , it will be a vibrating membrane


Tailpiece mount and all mounts correct, ready for trial setup

That suits me, a little more  and I'll have it where I want it.
Still some flex issues to negate

Starting to smile..
I will make a form fitted shimming for the neck notch.

I am stuffing cotton into the joint to make the neck and all the webbing become "as one"
When I hit it with CA, it will wick in and harden solid in about 10 seconds.
Cotton is a great accelerant.
Sealed over the screw mounting as well
This is not meant to be an instrument that just "Comes back apart" :)

Solid as a rock, there will be no more deflection's here.

A little bling on my own, and a lower case "bg"
BG has already got the Upper case ones on another "custom", from many moons ago!


OK, next comes a sound byte!
Plays very well, nice low action
All is very stable, should maintain its shape just fine.
BG and Missy can go forth with massive art deco, I got my part done!

YEEHAW, now I can use the other shoe to hop around in Talkeetna if I ever get up there XOV
Thanks for watching