The "Tyler Jackson Model"

Tyler is a special friend, and  and wants a special neck, that will not be on the standard models.
We are using a vintage TB-11 neck, for the platform
Here are some shots of TJ playing on it in my shop, before we convert the neck to his likings.
Tyler has been "INSTRUMENTAL" in the design of this banjo, and he is the main reason that I decided to persue the construction of Accutone banjos.
He and I have taken all of the design aspects we like and incorporated our own personal setups, because we believe that each banjo must be fine tuned to the players styles, strengths, and yes, even weaknesses!.

Some shots of the banjo, after it's initial rim "Tweaking", and before final design and finish

Tyler was in from College on Summer break, which gave us some quality time to finalize a few details.

Next to his Vegavox 3, another of our "Creations"
it is FAR from Factory Stock!

Flathead tonering
Style 6 engraving
Style 11 neck

Making the labels and transfers

Neck prepped for Accutone installation.
My rim is slighly different than a Gibson, and it required addtional work to retrofit it.
You know.....copyrights and all.......:)

All hardware stamped

Neck will be finished with a 2 part conversion lacquer, very hard, and long lasting.
This will protect the transfers, and blacking on the fretblocks

More designs to be added to peghead

With one of Tyler' favorite vintage skin heads, I have been saving for just such an occasion.
As I said before, each banjo will be tuned to the players needs and wants.

Rim labeled

Neck is fitted already, just one look, then it goes to be refretted, then the finish room.


After fretwork, final finish, and buffing


Back apart for one final neck angle tweak, it went together really well the first try.

As you can see, we added another transfer onto the peghead, to give it some life.
This is only a trial neck, unless he decides he wants to keep it on there.

Final Assembly

Getting the head dialed in for starters, and TJ can take it on from here, I need a break.
Dogs have had a big day, they are worn out.

A little more on the Vellum, he says.

Now to string it up

A few notes, and then we change bridges about 24 times, to see how they all sound, and all of them sound different.
it is a very acoustical banjo.

TJ is "Bearing down" on it to see what she will do

Strings settling in

His OME has turned his back on him!
Thats a good sign for me LOL

Dogs have moved into the "Yin/Yang" position, to show you just how much Psychic power the Accutone produces..........
OK.....they were just hot :)

That is the look In was hoping for.
He is pleased with the tone, and the abilities of the banjo.
It will be played in the upcoming Eureka Springs Ark. Banjo Rally International, so if you attend, let me know what you think of it.


TJ is checking out the setup on the "Prototype", since I changed it to Mylar.
It still has all the power, and even more snap.
Someday, if I have time, i may make it a nice neck, but not today, I am too BUSY!

Number 00
And Number 01

All Accutones will come with a nice TKL case

And a case logo from Banjohaven, courtesy of Barry Grant
Thanks pal.

On the way home to Denton, for a shakedown trial run, so that it will be totally rocking by Showtime!
Its in the right hands, no doubt, to peel the bark off most anything in its path.
It feels good to get to the goal line, after so many years of trials, tribulations, setbacks, along with some good luck too.
Wyatt, thank you, for all your help, insights, and for allowing me to learn many good things from you.
TJ, if it were not for you, this would never have taken place, you are as much the Father of the Accutone as I am.
Fresh young ideas, mixed with a little older wisdom, and some great designs of the past, intemingled with some new ideas, as we try to convey our thought on what a 4 string banjo should be.

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