Work page
Mark's Vega Whyte Laydie
Guitar Banjo

Minor restoration
No re- finish
Clean rim, wax, install new head
Refret with modern banjo wire
Add marker dots
Install new head
Setup to play

Dowel tight, good angle
Modern Closed end tension nuts will be changed, not right for this banjo, they bottom out on these new hooks.

Whyte Laydie tone ring

Preparing to clean

To get a tight shoe band loose , you take both hands, and rap it down on the padded bench to jar or "upset" the metal so it can come free.

Showing where it dropped, the rest you can work off with your fingers

Ready to clean with shoes left on

Ready to clean and wax

Some fine wool for the grunge, then  wax

This shows me popping it back down onto the rim, a reversal of removal

New bottom frosted REMO

All to tension, new open end nuts and new hooks

Ready for neck work

Pulling old frets

After slot cleaning, compression fret, Stew Mac 147

Sealing with #10 CA as I go

End nipping

New wire cut back for fretting over the binding

Will hammer in over the heel.

Remove glue residue

End filing

After leveling, re-crowning

End dressing

Side markers, then it will be fret polishing, fingerboard oiling.

Ready to install


Old tailpiece is for loop end, and low down force. Going to modern down force tailpiece.

Action is good for Guitar banjo played as a strong rhythm instrument , will tweak it in and cut nut/bridge slots to proper gauges

Everything acting as it should, the big tone of a big rim Vega is there, ready to work.

Nice easy ball end string loading on this tailpiece.


Next to its big rim No 9 Tubaphone Plectrum Brother.
I will need to do a little work on the case if mark is not going to spring for a new gig bag

Latches all work, needs glue in all the normal areas for worn  20s case.

Thanks for looking