1920s Slingerland Nite Hawk Rim
Modern conversion neck - mahogany, with adjustable truss rod
MOP star in peg head
Dot markers, with side marker dots
10-3/4" x 5/8 Walnut veneer'ed Maple rim
Side groove hoop
Flat brackethooks
Top of the line  tone ring
Pre EPA Remo frosted head
1960s Elton geared tuners on peghead
Single co-ordinator rod
1960s Presto style tailpiece (Vega)
 Modern 5th peg with vintage button
MOP truss  cover
5/8 bridge
Simple nitro finish on rim and neck
Low action, VG player

The 3rd design Slingerland Tone System starts with a heavy maple rim.
Then it had brads installed into the top of the rim, and a 1/8 brass hoop suspends on them.
Then a stamped brass wide head bearing tone ring is suspended on that.
And, it is open to both the inside and outside.
This is one of the more highly developed tone systems of the 1920's in my opinion.