Kay Kraft
"Recording King"

umbo Body
4.75"x 15" lower bout
4.25"x10.25" upper bout
(at the neck and end blocks)
Maple back and sides, Spruce top, Mahogany neck
X braced
12 frets to the body
25.5" scale
Replacement bridge-ebony

Neck has excessive relief
Will install carbon fiber rods (2)
Full refinish
- No Pick guard

Heel is tight, relief is in weak neck

Online  Image-Kay-Kraft Guitars
Center Guitar
Same inlay pattern
Same pick guard profile
Same Bridge Profile

Online  Image-Kay-Kraft Guitar

Same pick guard profile
Same Bridge Profile
Same basic color scheme

Here is what the owner said

Both the Oahu and Kay Kraft jumbos were made by Kay. Their body shape, though very similar, is slightly different from that of the Gibson Nick Lucas. There's a little bit more curve to the lower bout of the Kay-made instruments, for example. And of course, the Kay Kraft/Oahu guitars have significantly longer scales. These x-braced Kay Kraft/Oahu jumbos are consistently excellent guitars! In fact, I just bought another one myself!


Fret removal
Tape will impede chip outs at the slot

Binding removal

Heating the extension loose

And on up the neck

Some steam, and a little vinegar to get th hide glue joint loose

All off in good order

Waiting on carbon rods

This is a very thin neck, no room in it for an adjustable rod.
The carbon fiber will be light and strong, and thin enough to be able to rout cavities in this example.