1960's Mandola Project
Made in Japan


Clear coats added

A little more amber added to this coat
Fingerboard is a type of wood like mahogany.
I darkened some of the blocks for the heck of it

Going on up the neck with finish

Lacquered fingerboard

Still adding clear

First Setup

Tuned CGDA,
I noticed that when it was under tension, the fingerboard has some lifting that could not be seen.
When I encountered this, I saw the fret board would need to be pulled, neck leveled,  board leveled re-glued and then re-fretted

Ready to pull frets, then board

Ready to level neck and board

Board was easy to pull.
Re-attached, clamped and curing

Flat block sanding the board, the dark spots are still low

Will stop here, and begin a 16" radius.
That will make for a more comfortable player

Chalking up to see the progress

All to profile and ready for slotting

Slotted, dyed, ready for frets

Board  dyed and lacquered
Going in with 147 wire

Changing the back look, I wanted some light in the middle to match the neck burst.


All good to go now, plays beautifully, the radius is good and smooth and I radius-ed the nut and saddle to 16" as well
I flush fretted the last 4 frets because no one plays up over the extension
The tone is even better than before, this will make some player happy.