Banjo For Sale
Made from off the shelf parts
For a player looking for that older Gibson look without the cost.

Gibson Style Neck- with center laminate
Orig cut for OPF which works OK for this tube and plate rim.
Peghead break in the past, has been stable a long time.
Spikes installed
Resonator, with matching marquetry and finish
Arch top rim assembly-unsure of maker
Solid tone ring
Multi laminate rim
Tube and plate flange


Rim was meant for one rod setup so that is what it got.
L bracket for tailpiece
Will install 4 resonator brackets, hook mounted.

Golden Gate tuners, late model Presto, the heavy one with tension hoop bracket and adjusting screw.
Modern Armrest
Will find a truss cover around here for it.


I will let it settle in a while to see how it acts, neck is flat and notes well.
Truss is at zero adjustment.
With the heel cut that is on it, it will only accept 1/2"bridge.
So after I see how it reacts as it settles in I will plan the next phase which will be taking it back apart and dialing that heel cut in.

After a couple days its laying nicely, settling in OK.
I will plan a fret dressing with that heel adjustment

More to follow