1920s Regal Octofone

One of the more interesting experiments to come out of the Chicago-based Regal Company, the Octofone was advertised as "Eight instruments in One".
 What it really seems to be is a small body double-strung tenor guitar.
But Regal claimed:
 "The owner of the Octofone has the advantage of combining eight different instruments in one, namely Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Ukulele, Tiple and Taropatch. These changes are brought about by variations in tuning"
 This is the higher end of the Octofone models Regal offered in the late 1920's
Not Poplar neck and Birch back and sides.
This one is Spruce top, Mahogany Neck, back and sides, with upgraded inlay and wood marquetry.
if there is a higher model, I have never seen it.

Here is a newer version that is being made today

Arrival Pics

Setup CcGgDDAA, with octave C and G courses, it sounds superb, even with a high action which is due to a loose heel joining the body.

The dowel style heel attachment was its weakness because people would string them with gauges that were too heavy for that style attaching method.
Or just old hide glue that let loose. Simple fix.
I will remedy this, dress the frets and re-string it.
Someone will be very happy with this, if I decide I am not to be that person :)

Body is tight, only the neck set is an issue

Neck loose - reset angle

That is the gap in the heel, that is not binding the flash is hiding gap


After feeding in some fish glue, working the neck up and down to squish it into the joint I have it in my vise, and and have loosened the tongue to that it pulls the heel in.
The weight of a gallon of acetone and some number stamps will be sufficient to hold it until it cures
I will then attach the tongue one the second phase.

Excess wiped, 12 hr set time

Out of the clamps and cured enough to do the tongue
Nice and tight.

Fed in the glue, light clampage, will wipe excess 



Plays beautifully, sounds wonderful.
It will take some cajoling, to get this one out of my hands.
it is as light as a feather and very responsive.
It is as loud as it should be, and if you want more, I think they make something called an AMP.
Theoretically, you could blow walls down with it, with enough power :)