For Sale
1920s Orpheum 1
Octave Mando Banjo
Tuned GDAE
"Octave Mandolin"
Sold by Bruno
14" head
Modified tone ring (Archtop)
Repaired heel
New neck finish
Cleaned and setup rim on original skin
OHSC in  good Condition

Since this was modified, I wanted to disclose what I saw when I was in the setup.

All this is not orig
It used to be a standard Orpheum 1  archtop rim, just in 14"
Rim was cut down, this was all made up
Not bad, added weight for more volume , but done in a home shop.
The job is not bad, the holes in the tube are pretty lined up and the solder job was not terrible.
The second solid ring is another add on.
That hoop was not centered, and will be deleted, too many loose parts here.

Rim has been decked

That is the nickel plated  orig arch ring that used to set up on the fence staples before rim was decked
Still see the vestiges of the staple holes here.

Amazing, that is the orig tension hoop, notches are perfect.


This will be better, skirt down lower, touching shoes, using only the big tube thats solder to orig ring
Skirt is flipped back to proper side down and neck notch like it used to be.

Head back to tension and sanded/waxed/burnished, much better this way
Still arched, but bearing on a much stabler platform


Simple refinish on neck only
Replaced one strip, Bass side, other had mismatched gears

New wedges

 Ready to setup


Plays well, with clear tone, good action all up and down the neck.
Tunes easily, and stays in tune well.

Good condition
Zipper works
Hard to believe it still has one. Its BIG

Broken Handle

Latches and Catch, are working

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