1920s Orpheum 1
Mandocello Banjo


14" head
Modified tone ring (Archtop)
Shipping damage, dowel broken out of heel.
Heel sides unaffected

Heel cap came off clean
neck laminate separation

Sides unaffected, will be a straightforward glue/clamp/reset dowel

It was knocked loose here too, will glue and clamp

All sealed back down

Clamping the side back inward after glue injection

After it sets up I will install dowel and the broken off extension


All this is not orig
It used to be a standard Orpheum 1  archtop rim, just in 14"
Rim was cut down, this was all made up
Not bad, added weight for more volume , but crudely done in a home shop.
The job is not bad, th holes in the tube are pretty lined up and the solder job was not terrible.

The second solid ring is another add on.
That hoop was not centered, and will be deleted, too many loose parts here.

Rim has been decked

That is the nickel plated  orig arch ring that used to set up on the fence staples before rim was decked
Decked right to the logo plate.
Still see the vestiges of the staple holes here.

Amazing, that is the orig tension hoop, notches are perfect.

Is not a great solder job, its not terrible, I can bend it around to make it hit the rim/head better

Bent and twisted to hit rim properly.
This will be better, skirt down lower, touching shoes, using only the big tube thats solder to orig ring
Skirt is flipped back to proper side down and neck notch like it used to be.

Head back to tension and sanded/waxed/burnished, much better this way
Still arched, but bearing on a much stabler platform

All tight and sealer applied

Reaming new tenon hole, dowel repaired where tenon was split away

Neck angle set, I want it to have a high bridge and a lot of down force.

Assembled loosely while glue cures.

100 percent heel contact now that skirt is flipped right

Extension roughed in
It was already divoted from playing all the way to the end, which dips rapidly at the tip, no fixing that.
Ready to pull neck lay re-bar across the break, will pull 2 frets , make cavities and add brass rod over the crack then fill with dust and re-fret 2

Replaced one strip, Bass side, other had mismatched gears

New wedgies

Happy so far

Waiting on strings
Will try real Mandocello first, see is there is room at the nut
Mike Amato at www.bedfordbanjoshop.com is acquiring a set of "Mediums" for me
That puts the C at .074" :)
We will see!