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1920's Regal Mandolin

I have seen Regal Resonator models but none like this
It appears to be an original open body, made for cone and spider
This one has Custom made cone and spider, with brass bridge

Top is cracked up, tailpiece section is caved inwards, back has some separation up front
Neck set is good angle is good
Frets are "Sort of radiused" I will try to get them to an accurate radius.
Heavy black finish, I will remove that
Will radius nut and saddle to match
Will add side markers and an inlay dot  at 3

Neat  custom spider, that is set in place and secured by a screw underneath.
Cone appears to be hand spun and very well done and not lately or is an original, I have no clue.
It seemed intonated closely, before pulling the old strings off.
Saddle is well fitted
It should be warm with that much "Brass mass"
I looked all over the web to see if that style spider was used, or that style cone and found nothing.
If anyone knows that this was indeed an old design let me know.
I have only dealt with a normal Dobro style Spider/Cone or National style Biscuit/Cone

The cave in at the front is the main structural issue
I will get inside and get a look -see

Under tension it was much worse, I should be able to get it back in alignment.

Pulling off some top to get  the neck block loose,up and out

Hot knife for glue release

Was stripping finish on other stuff so stopped and stripped this one with acetone
Will seal up that end next because I have to be solid there to get the rib to pull vertical in the front

Back to the cave-in.
All other top cracks sealed
All old glue out, prepped for repair

Wedges, and a wet sponge to get the dipping out of the rib where it dipped in on each side of tailpiece.

Its out nicely, the neck block and clamp-age will bring it on in

Am adding height to neck block, it never connected properly with the top from its manufacture.
This certainly caused failure later on
Cutting mahogany veneer for that, it was close by :)

Fish glue will get it done, its reversible
Neck block first

Wax paper helps to retard any release problems from glue over run

Pushing in, and down, 12 hrs

Now for the connecting pieces

All back ready to stain, clear coat

Fret radius is now 16"
Side markers and MOP dot added

Stain, and 3 clear coats, re-drilling tailpiece holes

Marking and drilling cone holes that were filled in the repair sequence

Saddle radius complete


Tuners lubed, strung to pitch, Top buffed and waxed
Will cut nut slots to lower them and do the radius work
Saddle still slightly tall, will reduce 1/1 and have a VG action
Frets are now working well with no fret-out

I will fine wool the finish to satin, and then polish by hand to it is not to shiny for me.

Very sweet tone, not brash, clear and not ringy at all.
Easy to play on with action set and radius fingerboard
It could have many voices, with different saddles but I like this  brass more than I was expecting.

Thanks for watching,