Chas.A.Stromberg and Son
Boston Mass.

19 fret tenor
23" scale
Cuppo-phone tone ring
Flathead configuration
Maple construction
Straight neck-good action
Friction tuners
Engraved MOP inlay
The only example I have owned, that had the makers label and not a logo plate.
Excellent original condition, only the head/strings/bridge are newer.
Playable as is, but would benefit from frets/cleaning/geared tuners, or total restoration if that is your thing.

My Grandfather Frank , my Great Uncle Victor, 2nd cousin Paul and Great Uncle Gus are all mentioned in this advert.

Boston Mass, 1920s
The young boy is my Dad, his first orchestra gig, and he is playing a Slingerland open back, Grandad is to his left (facing).
That ishis Stromberg Deluxe leaning in front of the Bass drum


Stromberg was in collaboration the Fairbanks-Vega, and incorporaate many Vega made parts in this era.
Same cases that were used by Vega in this period as well.
With the tube system giving a visual appeal they look good in clear heads.
Something the maker never envisioned.

There are 3 designs of Stromberg peg heads, this is the second, and most rare.

Excellent inlay work, not always the case on a Stromberg. They used what they had in house many times.
They were a very small shop and serviced the Boston area mainly but like all instruments, others end up with them from elsewhere.
They gained much fame later with Stromberg Guitars, that are still a benchmark for big body Jazz guitars

Solid cast tailpiece, you will never see these with a problem.
My Grandfather was a good friend of Chas, and also a master mold maker in a brass foundry.
They both worked at several major Banjo makers in Boston .

I cannot yer be sure, if this is 11",some  are 10-15/16, some are 10-7/8

No case handle