Tubaphone Deluxe
17 fret extended
11-13/16" 30 bracket
Abalone rim trim
21" scale,extended
Elevated fingerboard

Began life and open back.
Repaired to play well
New Refret-Binding-Markers- Refinish
Added custom brass engraved flanges
Original engraved hardware,Planet tuners, with MOP buttons.
Added new brass plated steel hook sets
Brass is protected with Nikolas brass lacquer
Added Pie Section Resonator
Tuned GDAE
This was a well played instrument with many dings and things, player modifications, etc.
All were either covered or corrected, making ths into a player again.
This is not a collectible, it is meant to be back out in the world making music.
Original versions with a resonator are unheard of as far as being available, so this is the next best thing.
This will give the same service, and be 1000s less than a perfect original example.

A few pics of it going together

I do have it in a case, which is VERY tight fit for the 14.5" resonator
I will look for alternatives as things come in here all of the time but this will suffice for now.