Rare and collectable
B.E. Boyden
Bridgeport CT

"The Boyden" 5-string banjo
 Circa 1891

You  can do a Google search in "Images" for Boyden, and you will see just how few examples of this model exist.
I saw one other and if you have one, or parts for one I would like to speak with you.
This one has 2 mismatched hooksets that I would like to match.
Thanks VM

Rim cleaned and waxed

A few tubes have dents, nothing major.
Dowel pole is adjustable at the front


filled mounting holes for re-drilling

One side of fingerboard has a seam loose , will feed in glue, and clamp off .

After it cures I will seal fingerboard surface, and seal all frets, level, crown, polish, dress the ends.

Neck Finish

2 coats Mohawk, slight fade at peghead and heel, left some patina
Fine Steel wool, for satin finish

Ready to mount to rim


Classical Silk/Nylon Strings

This is my second banjo this week from Bridgeport CT, the other is my Liberty Promenade, 1980's