1910-1920s 5 string
Builder- unknown

11.5" rim - arch top
Maple neck
This is an interesting example of a "Small shop" banjo.

It has the look of several banjos of the day but it has no "Maker's Mark" anywhere to be seen.
It came in needing many things to make it a player.
 It was basically a "Wall hanger"  but because it was interesting to me, I did go thru it with a level of restoration that would make it playable and presentable.

There is nothing "Perfect" about it.
This is not a factory banjo and shows all the signs of a small builder.
It has one thing rarely seen on a banjo of this age and that is the use of Aluminum.
That was a rare metal for this era, only having been invented in the late 1800s
I have to guess this builder worked somewhere it was a common metal and fabricated the parts himself.
So it is light but has plenty of "Cut" and volume.
Nice abalone inlay, someone that was familiar with inlay did this work.
Multi laminate neck, with a sort of Wm. Lange" look to it.
I flush fretted it from 14 down so it could be frailed over easily.
I'm guessing you will not run across another one of these if you look, but if you do, or know the builder, please let me know because it is a piece of "Banjo obscura" that I was happy to "Steward"