All Stars Youth Banjo Band

8 Banjos - donated by the good people of the banjo community
Mr. Buddy has commissioned me to do some fresh setups and address what issues we can.
The main thing is a nice playable instrument, wiped up and ready for a student .
They range from plain open back 17 fret to 19 fret resonator banjos.
To stay on budget we keep pics to a minimum, implement used parts, donated parts, and some new or used heads, bridges, armrest,strings
All will have side markers and geared tuners as well.
They do not have to be beautiful but they do have to function correctly.
Thanks to those that donate time and material, and thanks to Mr Buddy for doing what he has done for many years, keep the  4 string banjo alive.
I have no problem being a part of that effort.
Pics will be the minimum, it need to focus on getting them done!

Banjo 1
17 fret  Slingerland resonator banjo

New tuners, dressed frets,
side markers
New armrest, used head
Looking for suitable resonator

Banjo 2
19 fret Maybell
Waiting on head

Frets dressed- dots  Remo bottom frosted head-Geared tuners
Looking for suitable resonator
Added Gibson style armrest

Banjo   3
17 fret Slingerland
Waiting on head

Frets dressed- dots-new bridge Remo Renaissance head-Geared tuners
Looking for suitable resonator
Added wire style armrest

Found suitable Resonator - added it


Banjo 4
BD Silver Bell
Mismatched tuners-skin head

New head, new tuners, cleaned,frets dressed

Banjo 5

New Head, used tailpiece dressed frets, side markers.

Banjo 6
Vegaphone Professional
Bad Neck - bad resonator


Installed Vega  Little Wonder  neck and Whyte Laydie Close fit resonator
New head, New Tailpiece, used tuners,

side markers


Banjo 7
BD Special
No resonator, bad frets past 12
Water Damaged rim

Pull and repair fret slots 12 to 19 and re-install existing frets.
Level and crown
Sealed all inlay in fingerboard
Seal water damage, no rim dis-assembly


Banjo 8
Ludwig Kingston
Bad Neck-Bad Resonator

  Compression fret -nut to heel - seal cracked fingerboard.
Added clear to replacement resonator
Add  Ludwig armrest, repair neck binding
Used head


Thanks for watching


Sagemont Church is the home base to the “ALL STARS” Youth Banjo Band which is directed by Buddy Griffin, a nationally-known banjo performer/instructor. 60+ members (ages 7 – 17 years old) make up this band. Their programs feature a wide variety of music from oldie-goldies, waltzes, pops, gospel tunes and more; using the 4-string tenor banjo, bass, drums, keyboard, guitars, mandolins and ukuleles. The band performs frequently at a variety of events and venues in Houston and the surrounding area. The “ALL STARS” are guaranteed “to put a smile on your face, a song in your heart, a snap in your fingers and a tap in your toes!” For bookings or additional information, call Buddy Griffin at  713.557.2541.