KC's Silver Bell Neck
"The General"
GEN II neck

Remove orig  17 fret fingerboard and install compressed scale 20 fret fingerboard

Sorry, no pic with fingerboard on, lost them in the camera
Orig inlay is too thin to re-use
Will have Dave Nichols inlay the new board and I will save the old peghead overlay

Also I will re-use the maple laminate
Shaping the new board from Allen Guitar to the profile needed

Profiled for -020 bindings

I'll bury myself once again :)
New fingernail polish is "Gibson Reddish Brown"

Installing side bindings

Ready for bottom board

now for side markers

Ready to install

Clamped 10 hours

Very little to do to blend it in, it was already sized perfectly, no wood removal, original width retained
Now to remove old finish

After repairing all the dings on the overlay, backstrap and heel, I have dyed it and will add 2 sealer coats.

Thats all for the back until it returns from inlay.
Ill fix the front woes now

Its bad around the nut, some of the edges, and the tuner holes are sunken in and must be built back up.
Normal stuff.

Dams to hold the acrylic repair

Acrylic Donuts, that will get me back to square one in height

All good and flat, a couple more side dings and we got it

All dyed and 2 sealer coats, thats all for now

Nice tight laminations, all looking OK

Heel woes are good to go

All good here now

MamaMiaDatsalotta frets on a lil SBGEN2~! :):)
You cant tell it now, but Ill show it when its done and fretted against a 19 fret Standard neck!


Frets in, and sealed

Board oiled

All frets leveled and polished, nut installed

Tint coat added and all maple marquetry scraped back to blond
I do not like leaving the tint , I like definintion here.

Seeing it on the backstrap and down the center pleases my eye.

A few more coats and we will be done, I will get the tuners out and at the ready.



Getting the distance for the nut slots, Ill move to the 1st wire to see where I get the best spacing
Im just showing this so you see it has a Bass?Treble side, that makes the strings space incrementally as they should.

That gives enuf not to pull off the sides at one

Marked and I will only start the slots, TJ can finish them up down there or wait for me in ES to do it, Ill have all my stuff.
He can do most any tweaks on BD and will know if I need to do something.

I will pull these tuners for safer shipping, the bag will be taped to the dowel

Bacon neck 20 frets, 22.050" scale
 Vega Neck  19 fret 23" scale
Only 1/16" diff in rim size, so close enough to show what I want to show.

Lined up this way, the heels are like they would be on the rim.
You can see where the 12 frets line up with each other, and the smaller neck has 20 frets.
This is how  scale compression looks
Closer fret spacing but the same bridge placement

Now when you move the pegheads to equal you can see how much shorter the board  and still have the 20 fret.
It should be very comfortable and have good bridge placement

OK, The General is ready for active duty, lets get him back home and ready to do battle!
I'm anticipating him getting his fourth star soon, proving once again that the vertically challenged can still soar to great heights!
Thanks for watching,