Stromberg flattop

This banjo came to me from Ebay,and was in poor condition,but was very restorable.
This was the first work I had done on an old Stromberg

 1915-1920 Model

 1919 Stromberg Flattop   1919 Stromberg Flattop

Here is how she looked on the first day

Original Stromberg Tailpiece

Original Tailpiece

Dust galore

Dirty enough for ya?

Dissassembly pic

Just cleaned up a bit!

1919 Stromberg Flattop1919 Stromberg Flattop1919 Stromberg Flattop

1919 Stromberg Flattop

Brassed it out,as nickel was failing

Protected by "onsite" security force

Guard dog

And now ,with a long awaited clear head,and new Lacquer


 Stromberg Flattop

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