1921 Chas A.Stromberg

 This is an extremely rare banjo, Hand made by Charles Stromberg himself.
Charles started making banjos around 1915 after he worked for the Fairbanks banjo company and had decided to diversify his harp and drum making talents into other forms of instruments.
It was around 1922 before Elmer Stromberg moved out of the apprentice stages and into the design and constuction of the instruments that he and his father built.
Although the "Cuppeophone" tone ring is incorporated in the early models it was not patented until 1926.
Later they became archtop banjos, as these two are now.
I like the brighter tone that they produce in these large diameter rims.
The later versions used a 10 15/16 rim size.

17 fret extended
This banjo came to me in trade from "Findajo vintage banjos" in the UK.
I decided to go thru it and add some inlay work on it.
It was in generally good condition, just needing fretwork and other adjustments.
It sports an 11 7/8 head, 1/8 larger than my 1920.
I also added a 1/4"x 9"wooden archtop ring in it to brighten the sound a bit.
Dowelstick was repositioned to achieve a better neck angle.
All hardware was polished as plating was still intact, with the exception of the hooks which I replaced.

 Stromberg Flattop