Chas.A.Stromberg and Son
Boston, Mass.


19 fret extended
( 2 over the head)
Circa 1920s
(No serial numbers on Stromberg Banjos)
For the Stromberg Story, click here

Setup GDAE (Irish Traditional Tuning)
40-30-20w, 13S
20-1/2" scale length

Maple neck and rim
Cuppo-phone tone ring
11-5/8 rim assembly, 26 brackets
Very rare original rosewood resonator, and nickel plated flange.
I have only seen two of these resonators on early Chas A Stromberg banjos in my history of dealing with them.
And in VG+ condition
Gotoh Tuners
Unplated long armrest ( Fabricated in my shop)
Vintage Waverly tailpiece
Beat up but servicable Vintage HSC

I am testing bridges, this may not be the bridge it comes with.

Engraved inlays on the peghead and at the 1 and 12 and 15 markers, then engraved dots at 17 and 19, and the rest are abalone

These are the years that they used necks fabricated by tthe Vega company, about a block away from their shop in Boston

 The son is Elmer Stromberg, who later went on to produce some of the finest archtop guitars the world has ever seen.

These rims are very similar to Vega Little Wonder, with the addition of the Stromberg tone ring.
They bought rims from Verga turned to Stromberg specifications, so as not to be in competition with Vega.
It was a friendly partnership.

The resonator is bound in the same manner as the later "Marimba: model, with the strips of purfling running thru the rosewood veneer'ed resonator

 You can even modify these to be archtop banjos, with little effort, if so desired.
They are bright and perky in tone as Flattops as well.

Normal patina on plated parts


Shown next to my Hot rodded 20 fret Custom , of the same era and rim size.
I had to use a Vega Resonator, Im jealous of this one!

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