Custom Banjo'S
Mash's Epiphone Concert & Concert Special
5 string
Concert will be completed first

My good friend Mashihiro in Japan has started 2 more custom necks for Epiphone conversions.
Thank you for following his excellent work.

The original neck is Brazilian rosewood, but, as you know, that wood is not obtainable now, so this one is Palisander( Dalbergia baronii).

It looks purplish comparing to Brazilian which looks orang'ish.
Main lamination with marquetry completed.

Peg head veneers and neck marquetry material.

Glued and bandsawn to strips.

Steel rod for neck.


Original Concert special neck is white holy, but I took plain hard maple.

These are marquetry for Concert special.


Peg head pattern is traced on celluloid plate.

Engraved. The brown water soluble paint  makes lines visible.



finger board.

Both done.

marquetry glued.

Shaping is almost done. The next step is heel carving

My hands are hurting


Finished with Shellac and Epiphone Logo applied

Thank you Mash for sharing this excellent example of your craftsmanship.
It shows people the effort required to create such things.

Thank you all for follwing