Matthew Jackson's
"Faux Vox "

Made by me for his Father Tyler Jackson in the mid 2000s
We decided that we should get Matty something he could call his own, and passed down from us both.
It feels OK to work for the next gen Jackson!

Upgraded over time, and now I have refreshed the neck finish and installed vintage "Vega  Quality" branded calfskin head.

It has been used on many recordings, many are on You Tube.
Here is one.

The tailpiece is the 1st design Trujo Mute/tailpiece, Palm actuated.
A cast brass integrated unit, the later version was stamped brass and required a tailpiece under it.
It functions very well, with a clean mute sound when desired.
The neck is a 40s Vegavox, the more rare  bone ivoroid overlay  fingerboard, and  The Resonator is 30s Vegavox.
The rim assembly is created from a 70s Martin -Vega "Pro 2" rim, with the flanges moved from bottom to top, and a Rickard Tubaphone tone ring, in the brass installed.
It gives the appearance of Vegavox, but is a bottom tension rim assembly.
Built from off the shelf  components  and put into the hands of a virtuoso player, it can haul the mail.

HIGH HO are going home!

Much love to the Jackson's, I hope he beats the stuffing's out of it
His Dad has plenty of others to wail on!