Frankie's Montana Workpage


Remove all old celluloid
Remove severe cup from fingerboard
Repair gouged out tuner hole
Install all new pearwood overlays, celluloid  overlays and binding
Slot for frets
Side Markers
Repair broken seam in laminate, back of neck
Paint neck in solid bone color to hide stain
Paint all inside gold

No problem getting the old stuff off

Removing finish


Cleaned off old pearwood overlays

Sealed the bad peghole

Flat sanded top overlay, it is cupped so I will leave that wood in the center to keep it level

Hole redrilled

Adding new pearwood overlays

Profiling with rifflers

That's close enuf for now

Chalking to see the cup and where I need to flat sand

You can see it coming in slowly, a little at a time

Had to stop and deepen all the slots before I lose them

Real close now

Ready to start on the new celluloid's

My pearl saw is a good tool for cutting this

All drilled and  profiled

Fingerboard cut and sanded to size

Glue and clamp

Mark all the fret slots

Starting the slicing

Starting the binding

Now for the back, I had just enuf to do it and lose about 3/8" of white backstrap, I will make it work.

Side markers

A coat of sealer before I begin to paint the neck a bone color



Going with an Automotive finish, 2 part acrylic enamel with a 15 percent reduction
It is the only way I can get a decent color match to the other parts, I kjust sort of "met in the middle" since the other parts are splotchy yellow
This is a catalyzed finish so Iwill not ghave to wait for days in curing, I can get it off to Ron on Monday if everything goes OK.

3 coats has it covered, Ill pull tape now

a few hours curing in heat, testing the paint for scraping binding.
I'm pushing every time limit I can

Removing around my tape line to get a reveal on the pearwood

Its a tedious process, trying not to slip, all magnifyer work.

Roughed in, I will gently sand when its drier, then go to the clear coats

Its not perfect there will be a dust speck or two Im sure, before its over.


Ron turned this around for me in record time and helped me meet a tight deadline, THANKS MAN!
It looks great, I cannot believe how its gone so far, fingers still crossed

Fretted with 147 and sealed in
Leveled and dressed, polished and wooled

Domino says "Thats it for tonite"
I will protect the paintings with clear acrylic directly over them tomorrow and get ready to mount it up



Gallery Glass emulates the look of Stained glass so I will get a translucence after use.
It goes on pinkish and in this case, turns a cherry red.


 Will add clear over this now


Taking all the old finishes from the inside of reso back and rim

All a nice Matte Gold now

Hardware cleaned and wax, rim cleaned on outside and waxed
All this hardware is from a #2. Silver plated

The tuners will not work on this peghead, the female end of the clooar is too short, it should be as long as the example shown

I took the 5 stars from Uncle Barry's banjo and swapped them, he will be just as well off with the Elton's

All buffed and ready to re-assemble



Remo head and GHS strings compliments of

Neck joint tight, head clearance good

This neck has a very low plane, it is even with the tone ring plane.
I will have to work with the action a bit to get it down.

All new flange retainer screws


I cannibalized an old 6 string trapeze tailpiece for a piece of brass rod, its plated .
I'l have to thread thru the plating.
I'll be using an old small tension nut for the nib, the one on the old shaft is bad.


Bends done, cinched up, actuates well.



Tuned to pitch, i'll need to let it settle in a couple days and tweak it more
Added 4 Orig Resonator thumbscrews

Polished and waxed the backside


Ok thats about it workwise,  we have to stop this thing somehow.
Very challenging !!!.
Let's send it on the FL to see what he thinks of the effort.

Thanks for watching