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Instrument is here, under my care

ustom Banjo For Sale
Vegavox Plectrum
By Renee Karnes
Master Luthier /Inductee-Banjo Hall of Fame

From the estate of John P. Huntsberger

Elaborate details throughout, Pics do not tell the tale.
My Digcam does little to show the actual fire in the Pearl work or the Birdseye maple.
Exquisite MOP work inside and out
Heavily engraved and Gold plated
Anyone that knows Renee's work or has seen this banjo will recognize her effort
Pre-war rim assemblyTubaphone tone ring with custom flanges and head bolts
Fingerstyle tailpiece
Personalized armrest and initials on resonator back, common for many artists
Pick holder
MOP buttons on engraved tuners
Farquhar bridge
Straight neck, good action
Will benefit from a good cleaning and fresh setup