Banjo is in my shop , I can answer Q's.


B&D MontanaNo.1 Plectrum

Recent partial restoration
New neck finish
Fingerboard detail re-painted
New frets
Combination of Silver and Nickel plating showing normal wear
Holly Neck
Schaller tuners
Oettinger tailpiece
No mute
Good action, plays well up and down
Modern HSC

This banjo had seen extensive use in its life and was worn down and tired.
This is not some "collectible", it is brought back to life as a player's instrument, and hopefully one will see it and wear it out again!
A perfect example of this model would cost quite a bit more than what the price of this one will be.

Someone put a 5th peg in the side of the neck in the past, and someone else expertly plugged it, not me.

At some juncture in its life, the rim was "decked" and a new piece of wood added to it.
The ring also has holes added to it, seemingly to emulate the holes of a Gibson flathead tone ring.
The tone ring was very tight, I did not remove it when I cleaned the rim.
Silver plated hardware inside the rim.