Courtesy Listing
Banjo for sale
Dale Small/Vinnie Mondello

Owned and played by professional banjoist Rob Wright
22 fret plectrum
11.5" rim assembly, BD Silver Bell Style Tone ring
26" scale
Walnut Neck
Special long Oettinger tailpiece by Pietsch
Gold and Nickel hardware mix
Evolution fret wire
REMO  1108  High crown Renaissance head
Schaller tuners

Pearl Engraving by Ron Raymer
Metal engraving by Ron Raymer
Wood Carving by Ron Raymer
Artwork and painting by Ron Raymer
Design concepts- Frets-Finish-Setup Vinnie Mondello

For those that did not know Dale, he was a  well known custom banjo maker , in the Banjo Hall of Fame
I was proud to call him "Friend"

On his request, due to his failing health at the time he requested that I finalize the remainder of his ongoing work  on 3 banjos which I did to the best of my abilities with help from a great artisan, Thanks Ron.
The original page for this as well as some of the other custom banjos I completed for him are on the link below.

   Clean up, fresh setup, head of your choice, that is included in the sale.

Comes in a modern tweed case, goood condition

Initial Pics