Plectrum Guitar
Archtop, Electric,Cutaway

Parts sourced from the Far East
Double bound body Bound Neck and peghead
Adjustable truss

Body and neck , after I have added the electrics, side markers, and dyed the peghead overlay, drilled tuner holes, made the nut.
All with a coat of sealer. to protect it while I get it  inlaid, fretted,assembled, check the electrics, etc.

I will come up with some tasteful inlay and a color scheme other than blond.
Nothing against Blonds!

Well, I used the "Chef's surprise" tint
That's everything I had leftover in mixing jars
 Some orange, some reddish brown, and some black.


Abalone, some vestiges of the old Dale Small leftovers.
Using up what I can, when I can.

Frets installed after bringing the flat board to a 16" radius

Tint coats and first coat of clear on the neck

Just a quick look on where I am headed with it

Made a square into a diamond for the peghead.
Not rocket science :)


Amber tint added to final coat to add  faux patina to the bindings
I will use this vintage tailpiece and
knurled chrome  control knobs.

Banjo style Gotoh tuners and amber buttons, bone nut, abalone truss cover

Not the pick guard I plan to use, I'm just looking at the mock -up.

Now to finish out the neck attachment .
All I have planned is 2- 3" screws, countersunk thru the heel  and into the neck block, with plugs over them, and finish over that.
With a pad of glue between the heel and body before screw-down.
Not rocket science, just a good contact.


Plugged, tinted and clear going on


Now to see if the dang thing will play.
And if it does, it will need a home!

Thanks for looking at my "budget build" Plectrum Guitar
There is nothing perfect about it, and I fully intend for the price to reflect that.
It was  a budget import kit with economy parts, leftover inlay and tinted finishes, old tailpiece, etc. , so do not expect it to be any more than this!

Thanks for watching,