Jim Renfro's
Silver Bell #1


Nice Original banjo, will clean up nicely

Finish has wear, I will clean all the wood and buff/wax it
Hardware will be cleaned and waxed


Old head is pulled to Max and will not be used
I will use a Renaissance medium crown
Slight oxidation on top of tone ring, normal when skin is on this long

All cleaned and waxed

New head installed, new hooks with old nuts.
Some of the old hooks show alot of oxidation, I will put them in the case

Upgraded to threaded inserts in the rim

Rim ready, now for the neck work

Leveling of original frets should be sufficient, then a recrown and polish

Oiling the Fboard with Tung Oil
I will wax the neck and clean the tuners

Adjusting the mute pretty far out so he does not hit it all of the time by accident and actuate it.

REMO head and GHS strings

Original Bacon bridge
These are thin, care must be taken when moving them
Use a string lift or loosen strings

Back cleaned, buffed and Waxed.
Shows some patina but that is acceptable for its age.
Tool will be in the case

Banjo plays well up and down with plenty of power on 1/2 bridge
Its ready for the ride to Dallas

Thanks for watching, Vinnie