Aaron's Silver Bell #1 Tenor

Repair to play

Level board - Refret
Rebind-Side markers
Buff/Polish and clean/wax all woodwork
""   "" All hardware
Lube tuners
Setup on Remo Renaissance head
DR strings
CGDA tuning

Upgrades already done on insert into rim

Mute is functional
Neck angle back plate is missing, I will form one

Divoting in 1-4, will lightly;y level some of it out and leave the rest


Hardware cleaned and buffed Rim and resonator cleaned and buffed, will Wax on assembly

Dripping some oil into tuners, then I will drain the excess

Ready to move on to neck work

Binding all bad, will be replaced

Ready for leveling

re-cutting slots for new wire.

Binding will be one piece this time, not 3.

heating to get a bend on all curves

Adding markers

Smoothed and buffed, ready for frets
147 Stew mac wire

Compression fretting

Ready for the extension

Oiling dry board as I go

All leveled, crowned and polished

Tuners on, ready for install

Made a back plate for the adjuster


Setup on DR strings, USA


Settling in, adjusting and tweaking

She will be ready to go home after a little more settling
Plays well up and down, great action, nice tone.

Thanks for watching,Vinnie