Barry Foulon's
Bacon and Day Silver Bell

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Nov-Dec 2011

Install Truss rod
Refinish neck
Setup to play DGBE


Barry and I did some work on this a while back and now we need to get serious with it.
We tried a compression fret and the neck came back up so we will pin it down with a non adjustable truss rod

Shaving the finish off the board prior to removal

Separating at the bottom laminate

Cutting loose the peghead veneer , the veneer is all one piece on BD

Separating the fingerboard

You can see there is little to no glue left, the board came off too easily, and this is what was making the neck come back up as it is in almost every instance of a neck that has been heat pressed and compression fretted.
If there is no hide glue integrity, it is as weak as not even having the fingerboard glued down and prone to warp forward

Cutting the 1/4" all thread to use as the rod, I like the way this has ribbing to hold glue

Starting the channel

All in and ready to bed

I have a filler of wood dust and Titebond 2 in the cavity

Now to mix up the dust with the glue on the board

Ready to lay on the board

Starting at the nut, squishing excess as I go, and mopping it off the neck with a wet cloth

Clamped to the end and wiped, you can see the tip of the rod.

Now for a week of curing both in here and in the sun,
Thats alot of glue to cure and it needs to stay flat during this period

All old finish stripped, ready to re-dye overlays

I always like to take the color from the laminates so that they show brightly after a respray

Going all around the backstrap and sides of the peghead

And then carefully... the center laminate

Now to add some more clear

Every night for the next week it will be in its press while the glue that is inside fully cures and I'll add finish in the hotter parts of the day

Frets releveled a bit now that neck is flat the old leveling is no longer accurate

recrowning, prepping for repolish

Ready to assemble


Ready for Strings


The minor issue was the old tuners all just started acting crappy so I stop, dropped, rolled, and put on a new set and that was nothing compared to after setup and some time under tension.

I did not like the way the banjo neck reacted after applying tension.

There seemed to be uplift where I should have seen any and I had to go in to see what happened because it cannot go out the door in that condition.

Neck action was better.... but I had expected more and I felt it was still too flexible ..

Now  to look in again

Very easy removal of fingerboard on layer above the layer I separated on the first trial, looking for signs of poor glue in the old layup

Weak  older glue in this area as well

My stuff looks OK, Ill go deeper and redo it all  to ease my mind and hope for a better outcome

You can see the lack of glue very well in this pic, just crystalized from age,
Heat and work to get this back off in one piece, the glue on the underside is my first repair

Now to pull the rod, that will mean grinding glue and heating rod to soften underside glue

Nothing was amiss here,  the truss bedded perfectly

You can see where the threaded rod was completely bedded with the glue and filler

That shows how hard I was pulling to get the new glue I put in to release after 10 days, Ill go in with a square rod on the next run just because I have one handy
And all epoxy from bedding to lay-up, Im ready to win this battle soon.

5 minute Epoxy  for the rod, 15 min for the lay-up, you cannot use 5 in the lay-up and get everything clamped off

Old glue cleaned, channel squared off, rod cut and bedded in epoxy and squegeed flat

Ill wax paper it and squeegee again and let it kick then pull the paper that wont stick, to give a flat start for profiling

Clamped for 20 min so rod can settle

Pull the paper

My Sure Form will make quick work of the excess epoxy, You do not want this to completely dry before this step or it will be grief!
Epoxies have stages and the sooner you learn that the better you will be working with it

New Laminates and the old Maple one cleaned

Ready to glue up and clamp

After the rough in, the frets will be pulled to level fingerboard this time

Reslotting to prep for the new EVO wire

Pressing and gluing,

After leveling the wire, recrowning

All polished and ready for the refinish...again!
Its not going anywhere this time I'll wager.....Overkill is in effect.

After removing all of the finish with the exception of peghead, Im checking my tint color for the nxt run at it.

I got cheeky and left the center light so I could at least see the Tiger Maple this time!

2 more coats to go

Ready for buffing


Lets try this again....

Neck is flat now, I will leave it under tension and we will see what it does when we get up to the Eureka show and see Uncle Barry if   Hurricane Issac lets him out!

It was a pretty big dogfight and I hope we got lucky, 3rd time is a charm!
Thanks for watching

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