Work Page

Barry Grant's
Stromberg Deluxe "Special"
20 fret Tenor
Circa late 20's, early 30's

Dress frets or replace if needed.
Refinish neck and install missing rhinestones on peghead
Strip resonator inside of "Salmonella" finish and replace with original color finish
Clean and wax all hardware
Setup CGDA

All as it should be inside, nothing altered

Rim prepped then shot with standard reddish brown

None of the taped areas get finish, they are supposed to be bare wood.

Ready for a head.
 I had just a few months back ordered 10-7/8 heads from Mike Amato at Bedford Banjo Shop knowing someday Stromberg's would need them.
Still have 2 left!

now 1!!

Rim assembled, neck is next to be prepped for finish and frets.
but first, ...

Sorry Barry, not this time...

Automotive enamel and gray primer, did the job.
Of covering up this
One with contrast

The scratched out one looks like maybe Albert DeBenedict? and then Basil Stillwell
I will sand most of it out, leave a hint of it that can hide under the new finish

Now for the back, strip finish and refinish

I will also put in a new nut, this one is cut up pretty good.

Inside resonator completed


This banjo has been refretted several times, slots are shot, even with tape off, they are just worn plum out.
I will level board, and rebuild slots

After leveling, I have recut slots, and checking depth

Teflon dams, that are sized exactly to fret wire tang width are used to make glue go only where it is needed

#20 black
That will be dried, teflon pulled, and then leveled again

Leveling on top completed, ready to clean binding channels

Bound in Ivoroid, ready to profile

Adding frets, over the binding which was left as wide on top as possible to get maximum playing width.

Fretwork completed, side dots added ,board oiled and polished

Back to adding final clear coats on neck and resonator.

Adding a few stones, I have some original cupped stones to fill the bill.

And a fancy plaque another pal had made, it will look good here

Hardware cleaned of red paint and installed, new felt added

Stringing with DR
Strings and  Remo Head furnished by Mike Amato
Bedford Banjo Shop

Farquhar Bridge

I will let it settle in, then tune it to pitch

Pfinal Pics

Playing well with low action and nice clear tone

OK, now to meet Barry up at the Eureka Springs Banjo Rally with it, and we can dial it on in there
The Mountain air should make it Chirp
Thanks for watching