Vega Whyte Laydie Conversion
Initial Pics

Dowel pulled from orig. tenor neck

Orig is a little longer

The original is also made with a bent tenon so it has way too much angle, I'll have to alter both it and the tenon hole

Forstner bit will do the job

Riffling the tenon

Thats a better angle

Heel cap cut flush for WLaydie install

Dry fit, now ready for glue

Glued and set in vise with rim pulling down, thats the position I want it to dry in.

That is a good neck angle to use up to a 5/8" bridge, is my plan
Next to Baby 9" Tubaphone Style S  I am working on

Setting inlay

Ready to fret after I add side markers

All leveled and polished with fingerboard oiled
Neck is sealed and ready for finish

The new 5 stars will not accept the Ivoroid buttons, this batch is all either machined too tight, or they have changed brands.
 They have to be altered to fit, but I will use some from my own stock that fit correctly without alteration


Tuners instalkled, neck set to proper angle

Making a new nut.
Stew Mac 5th string pip is installed

Just a little 0000 steel wool to smooth and satin the back of the neck finish

Strung to pitch and settling in.
Nice warm tone on the calfskin and "No Knot" tailpiece
Really good up by the neck joint.
I believe that it will be settled in and ready to head home in a couple of days.
The Eastman neck was not too difficult to work with and it should give good service
Thanks for watching,Vinnie

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