Brian's Stromberg Marimba Tenor
Repair- high action
Determine cause and report.

Initial Pics

Banjo in good condition, has been partially restored in it's past.


Neck angle at the heel cut are correct.
High action not from heel angle

These resonator thumbscrews are unique to Stromberg, and rarely seen.
I have another here "somewhere" that I am certain came out of one of my Dad's screw cache's

Tailpiece angle is off, it needs a washer under the lag screw

10-15/16 rim with 11" head
Fits it OK, no worries.


Grover pancakes are smooth

Recommend side markers

Frets are original
Neck has slight relief
Dowel stick is loose (shown) and pulling
Recommend heat press, dowel re-set, compression fret with Stew Mac 147 wire

Dowel came on out easily
Stromberg has a long tenon compared to others in the era.

Neck profile is thin at the run-off, atypical of many Strombergs.
Some are barely angled from nut to run-off.

Some inlays need to be sealed down.

After cleaning dowel and hole of old glue, re-set is with Fish glue.
Reversible, hi tack glue.

Will use my "Dino Poop" stone for weight
Had this many years, not sure what it really is.
Iron Oxide Node, possibly but interior looks as if it was once organic.
Maybe a petrified root tuber.
Now, its a banjo weight.

The taper and striations on the outside have always intrigued me.
now for cure time and a pow-wow with Brian.


Taped to pull old wire

Will press and then re-fret

Press complete
It got some of the bow out, not all of it.
Wood has some memory built into it, nothing short of a truss rod would do any better.

Compression fretted bottom to top to drive it back some more

Pieces of inlay filler, I will refill them

Leveled, polished ends dressed, board oiled

Sealing inlay

Basic tools and supplies used on operation.

Whoever re-graved the Stromberg inlay did a "fair" job, but is not great.
Also they sanded around on the peghead, I will dress that up with some wet sanding and buffing



Back together , nothing has tension, will allow dowel a full 24 hr cure before adjustments