Bruce and Diane Mosier's

Tribute Page


In Memory of "The Judge"

Bruce Mosier was a man I called "friend"
He took me at face value and decided there was something about me that made him laugh, and we went forth from there.
Now I can count the Judges in my life that liked me.......and your lookin at him.
We liked alot of the same things and looked at them in the same ways.
If I could turn back time, I'd tell him that he is right up at the top of my "Good guy" list.
Love ya man, now lets get to work.

When Diane asked me to come and help out with Bruce's instruments I sighed, because it is so hard when it is a friend but I knew my job, and how he would want me to go about it.
And he pretty much talked me through it when I got there. So we are on the same page.
And now that I have them here, we will fix some of them up for kids in need.
The Judge always said "Instruments were made to be played"
Well one thing is for sure, he left me a minefield of them to tip-toe through!
And I should have known he would want to get right on it now that he could "oversee" my efforts!
So with the nice new Tool Box Diane gifted me, I immediately re-arranged my work area then re-gifted my old tool box to daughter Meredith who has been in need of one.
Thanks Diane!

 I mixed our tools together, integrated his banjo supplies into mine, and off we go.

And Silas had taken a shine to the little Hawaii Uke

That tongue is always out when he plays!

This is how it is done overtime and someday Tyler will be here dealing with Karen's grief and helping her make sense of it all.
I am only a Steward that keeps them going through time and all of my tools that are mixed with many from the past , are merely leased.
Dale Small, Jim Stull, Ernie,Dave Frey, Bruce, to only name a few. We are all a team.

Also, No instrument is owned, they are leased, and once again a torch is passed.
So I will go forth as time permits and fix the fixable ones, part out the others and give a little happiness to the player world.
That's what the Judge wants and I am the enforcer.

So I asked him "Whats first"?
He said..."The Duke Uke."
I said "Well., its a weekend project, I'll knock it out"
He said "I was just waiting on the right weekend but Diane they a wrench in that plan"


1950's 1960's
 Made in Japan
Koa wood.
There are many versions, you seen more mahogany than Koa
This one has seen some moisture, fogged the finish, cracks in the top, one in the back, but repairable

1 loose brace
All glue joints will be re-sealed and a coat of lacquer applied
cracks will be cleated

Pulling the cloudy finish right o the logo
This will be the most tedious part trying to save the logo on top and peg head

Getting close

Fixing the back cracks

ready to re-install, will not be going back with wooden pegs, will use friction tuners.

We be pardner'ed up for its next run Judge.

Also, gifting this tenor book to the man that got this banjo, he is an avid learner and lives about 5 miles from you.
It matches his banjo in style and brand!

All cured, will finish the finish

Fine scraping to the edge, that's all I can do
Oh yeah, they could have centered that logo, I would have been expected to ! LOL\

Getting closer here, now it will be under magnifiers

Diane, i told you those sticks were important?
I have used his Sandpaper, scrapers, steel wool and dowel .
He can actually find them in the newly marked drawers :):)

Now to dig thru his tuner stash for a good set.

Slingerland style, looks good on it.


Well, I stole the strings off the Harmony and re-purposed them, she plays well, nice Koa uke tone.
Now if Bruce was here Id have him get on a Hula Skirt and we could get this thing thru its warranty break in period.

I have already started adding "Music related" stickers and logos, to make it "Bona Fide"(That is Judge talk)

Hope you like it Diane , Silver Bell is next!