Custom 20 fret Silver Bell

Work on neck action
Work on side to side neck angle
No disassembly of rim, clean as needed
No refinish, buff and wax resonator and neck

New bridges from Jim will be in case pocket when I deliver to Bruce in Eureka Springs

Neck angle is good this direction
Neck has quite a bit of forward warp

Starting at 4 back to the nut

You can easily see the rise
I will take some of this out with the truss and then in the refret

Worn heavy up to 5 but all will be replaced using the new "EVO" wire

Dowel is still tight in its tenon hole and will not be altered

Truss is loose, I will add 1/2 turn before pulling frets, Ill want it tight in that process

Ready for the EVO, old wires out and were VERY LOOSE, able to pick out with my fingernails
Ebony has shrunken back from the tang, I will seal them with thin cyano on the refret

Leveling the board in three stages
MOP is high on all positions

Some divoting up top, some will come out with this leveling

After sealing and trimmng,, now a light leveling

Diamond file works well on the EVO

All ready to go , nice and machine polished back and front

 I will wipe the rim down with no disassembly
Head is still OK


I think we made good progress on it and any fine tuning Ill do in Eureka, it needs to settle down until then
Thanks for watching