Bruce O'Neil's
Custom Silver Bell Workpage


Replace head with Renaissance
Elevate fingerboard
Correct misalignment (Neck is canted)
Add Strap Brackets
Repair broken reso nator lug
Setup to play with tall Farquhar bridge and low action

Custom 22 fret short scale, by Jim Stull
You can see the strings riding too far to treble, I will correct this once and for all

The custom scale on this instrument makes it a long neck Tenor.
The fingerboard at 17" is longer than standard Silver Bell Tenor but not as long as Plectrum

Shown next to standard 19 fret Silver Bell

15-5/8 " long

 And next to  Silver Bell Plectrum
So by compressing the scale and lengthening the board, you can get CGDA tuning and 22 frets

Anyone that does any kind of funi warp on a string other than a standard over/under gets charged 20.00 as a penalty.
This is not the Dark Ages
I hear all the reasoning behind it, but if I listen, that will be another 20 :)

The front mortise is large, and when I reset the neck Ill block it with a SHIM, which will hold the dowel to the side I wish, to help recant the neck

The heel cut is slightly off Radius and I will remake that area to have a better contact and curvature

All parts will be cleaned and waxed

Wood to be cleaned and waxed

24000 series Silver Bell III was the original rim assy designation

Lug to be resoldered

All snug

Flange fit is poor, that will be corrected with SHIMWOOD glued to the rim
Many times on instruments there is a need for shimming
Anyone that has a problem with that, has a problem understanding that any precise machinery has shims all thru it, that is what makes up poor tolerances built into the production process.

Parts cleaned, ready to wax

As soon as my order of heads arrive, it will get a Renaissance

The back has checking in the finsh, and should have a scuffing, and an additional 3 coats of protection

Rim will stay clean until I get the backplate dealt  with

I'll add in a piece of black where its missing

Backplate needs one more coat and then Ill re-buff it

Peghead reverse has checking in the finish, you can see some of the lines but it will not photo well
I will scuff this and add finish
I was told this was a #1 working banjo and was to be protected in areas I saw affected by wear or the elements so Im only doing spot repairs to save $.
This is a real working Musician on Bourbon St (and plenty others) so it has to tow the line.