Heat press neck
Refret with modern wire

Repair pics

Out of  the clamps after setting in the press for weeks.
Only light centralized heat was applied intermittently, there is not a lot heating can do with this particular design.

Fingerboard is thin and neck is reinforced with center laminates
Glue may or may not be holding in places not seen in the interior of the neck itself.
It is animal hide glue and can degrade to a point that it no longer holds tension on the woods.

Original wires are worn

Heavy divots at 1 thru 5
I do not fill these, I will lightly level the board and refret
Filler looks bad to me and will only pop out later

Pulling the wire

All slots will have to be deepened, this is a shallow old wire and with the dried out vintage fingerboard , new frets with barbs on the tangs will enhance retention and they will be sealed with thin cyano

All out

Leveling the board a bit, its concave in its center
3 stages of sanding and then steel wool

Stew Mac 147 wire is a common modern wire for Banjo
More comfortable than old wire.

Deepening the slots

Relieving the tang so I can insert them and leave clean edges as well and have as wide a playing surface as possible
It takes a special tool for that, shown under it

Compression fretting the wire with "Jaws"

All in and ready to seal
After sealing the fingerboard will be steel wooled then oiled several times to vitalize the rosewood and give it color again

Marking the new wire before leveling to see the highs and lows

It will not take much by the feel of it

Leveling complete, ready for recrown

It looks like alot of filings but its not, mainly reflection from flash
There is always a little more over the heel since they are hammered in and not pressed

Rounding the ends


Revitalizing the rosewood

ready to head home

Packed for the next mail run
It all seemed normal, only time will tell how it reacts under tension.
Thanks for watching,