Vegaphone Professional Plectrum

Repair as needed to make playable
Refinish wood
Heat neck
Level fingerboard
New Binding and Frets
Clean and wax all hardware

Initial Pics


Hardware in VG condition
Old style closed in nuts, may recommend new hooksets

Shoe removal went well, ready to buff metal

Interesting, the "28" , I have never seen a vega stamp here, and it is the same font, so maybe some inspectors mark, markers mark, but not common.

More makers marks


Next to Artist rim, ready for refinish

Parts cleaned and ready to buff

Tailpiece has failed, I spotted it when I took it apart

Not worth repairing.
I will source another Presto and re-purpose the top

Removing old finish

Rim and resonator  outside sealed

Hardware cleaned , buffed,waxed

Rim assembled with new Remo bottom frosted head, furnished by

I will continue finish on resonator, and begin neck work

Ready to pull frets

Went well, I will seal the slot edges before pulling tape.

Binding off.
The dark spot is not a depression, that is finish wear and sweat
Now for heat, board leveling and then I will start back with the binding when it arrives.
Will lay off on the finish work until the cold snap passes, its 18, and I cannot get the paint room past 60F even with heat so..
"Time Out".

New Binding Frets slots rebuilt, board leveled frets installed.
Ready to level/dress frets

Fretwork complete
Adding side markers

Finish work going on, resonator on left, I chose a solid color to better match the mahogany neck to the maple resonator.

The match is what I was looking for.


Neck buffed and waxed, ready for install

Buffing and waxing of resonator completed

Ready for Setup


Setup CGBD on GHS strings
Furnished by


OK, now its ready to go and make some music, and I thank Frank for all of his support and patience
Thanks for watching,