Papa Claus's

heat press warp in neck
refret and level

Pulling frets before pressing
No refinish on this one, flatten it and get it back to lovely France

I will prepare my heat press to only heat the affected are with my heat gun, then I will apply steady heat with my heat lamps afterwards.

The rest of the tube is sealed, the heat will go out the holes and onto the fingerboard

I clamp at the heel for this bend, then raise it at the nut 1/16

Then I pressure the affected area past level, and into a 3 degree "backbow"
This way when it heats it will curve backwards a bit, and then spring back to flat after it is fretted and back under tension.
This takes years of skill feeling how much tension a neck has and guessing what it needs to get back to a certain level under tension.
The heat press can last a day or 10 years, depending on the integrity of the glue that binds it together.
Also the hardness of the wood, the compression fretting are factors, we will make it as stiff as we can without actually adding a truss.

I am heating with low heat up onto the affected area as well as using my heat lamps on the backside to soften the hide glue so that it can "creep" back and allow the neck to flatten properly.
The gun will only be on about 5 minutes, that is plenty to get the one area hot through the fingerboard.
I like about 120 degrees F for this procedure, steady heat for 3 days, then cool for a week with the backbow, then begin to see how it reacts when I put forward pressure on it while in a jig, simulating actual string tension.

After the press the neck is again flat,   that I was hoping for

I have slightly leveled the fingerboard to remove some divots, and the wear n each side from either playing up on the neck, or from a leveling in the past that may have not been so flat.

Compression fretting from the nut downwards in this instance

Each wire will be sealed into the neck
This is StewMac 147 wire, a more comfortable wire.


Frets  leveled and polished, board oiled 3 times and then polished on buffer

Neck polished and waxed

re-sealed into packing

I will complete form after discussion

Ready to go

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