Barry Grant's
1920s NYC made 19 fret tenor
Obscure maker, Possibly Epiphone or Lange, for a mail order company

The likenesses of both companies can be seen on this instrument.

Barry found it in a Charity bin up in Talkeetna AK.It was in poor condition and
The odds of a tenor banjo player living there and then finding a Tenor banjo

I lost the old "Before Pics" I had on it so will start with the Disassembly pics

Needs fingerboard leveling, fretting and binding
You can see both Epiphone and Paramount style inlays in the fingerboard
Neck is Maple/Rosewood multilaminate

I can see Epi in this Marquetry

Stripping the old finish, everything will get the minimum 4 coat production finish

The dowel was broken and steel shims stuck up in the neck
I will go back with a rod, no need to re-invent the wheel on this banjo.

The reason you cannot see the laminates all the way up is because that top stuff is all a wood filler

That's not a heel crack, this is laminate and that is only a crack in the outside piece. easy to seal

Scraping all the old finish off the peghead, stripper would affect the binding

There was not ONE loose glue joint in this laminate wonder.

New celluloid bindings


Side markers added

The board was thirsty so I gave it 4 coats oil


Remo 11" top frosted Pre EPA head, good tone from them

MOP acyrlic to fix up the missing pieces, quick way out.
Ill scrape the edges to profile when it cures

Blocked off the mortise, ready for rod

Oldstyle Gibson rod will do the trick, all I had was a Gold one, no biggie.
That will keep the rim in centric.

Reamed for modern cheap geared tuners, they work just fine
Cream buttons look good on it

I have had this set of  High dollah T-Es around a long time, wanted to use them for a little more subdued tone from the bright archtop and before they get old.
Original bridge on for looks, I'll use a Farquhar 2 foot narrow spaced

A little provenance to send it along with.

Found a Vega 24 bracket Gibson style armrest I was able to modify for it, that finishes it out
Plays well up and down with a much better tone than I had expected from it.

Now it will wait for BG and Missy to arrive and pick it up along with the Arctic 6.


Another fallen soldier patched up and sent back to the front lines to do "Mountain Duty"
If nothing else it can be the "Loaner Tenor" to be hung in the Latitude 62 Lodge, alongside the Bacon short scale 5 String.
Thanks for watching