Don's Epiphone Guitar

Spruce top, Walnut Body and Neck

Repair as needed
Refinish as needed


Neck finish is also an overspray and worn off, this will be removed
Neck set seems to be OK
Heel cap needs trimming to profile

Cracks here are visible  thru the finish

That's a crack under the finish

 I will set them further out over the binding
The slots are bad in places with chippy rosewood so they all have to be taped before pulling to hold the wood down


I will leave the ones over the heel, no one plays up here on a non cutaway guitar and it will save $$$

Compressing and sealing as I go, the old slots cannot hold wire without some sealer

here is the function of the tape.
When something is broken the tape holds it and gives it memory, so you can shoot in glue, lay it right back where it goes and let it cure

I use 023" teflon dams, the width of a fret slot, to keep glue out while I repair bad areas.
This inlay has to drop 010", its set poorly

Special fret slot saw, bi directional

Oiling up as I go, I like to do one area at a time to completion, less monotonous

Inlay down, cracks sealed on another one
When nothing is on tape, its good

Moving on

Side removal


Recrown file

End dress file, 2 sided

Fretwork complete

Side markers going in

Removing vestige of neck finish

Will leave ot for last on the refinish

Now for this i'll matching sunburst
I wouldn't have chosen these colors for Walnut  and will try another, will see if Don approves

Its taking alot of time even with the strongest strip, I deem it 20 mils thick, its poured on basically

Now seeing some real  lift after 2 applications

After three, I can do acetone cleanup and go to next half
Some old stains will be covered with the new  edge fade


Now that's thick, what a tone killer

All cracks are now sealed
4 on the bottom, 2 on the top treble bout

Scuffing the back and sides

2" Edge fade.
One color, Dark Walnut, to go with the walnut sides better than Black and Amber (Opinion)

Cleaning the bindings from the tint

Sealed, will clean fingerboard and start the clear on the body

Taking on clear

Wetsanding down to 600 and then I will machine buff what areas I can.......

.....the rest is with the profile wheels and pastes

Swirl compound

After a couple coats Wax

Fingerboard oiled and buffed, all hardware installed, tuners lubed
Ready to setup

Strings courtesy of

Final Pics





Guitar is playing well up and down the neck
There is a little "lift" in the extension and there is one fret down on the extension that is affected by it so I will let it set at tension for a week before I go back into the "Tweak mode".
Its really minor so it all went very well I think and the instrument is much more "User friendly"
It will head on up to Eureka Springs with me an I hope it makes Don and his Pop up in Heaven Happy!.
And my Dad too, shown here on his Epi


And below, Mr. Epi Himself, thanks to him for thinking it up.

Thanks for Watching.