Restoration with plating

Original writing in rim, 4 Gold Eng is the designation

Copper clad ring in tone ring as it should be

Original plating on these pieces

Only flange and armrest had an older replate

Resonator is original the logo plate has never been off and the imprint matches the plate perfectly

Resto Work

Stripping the Varnish

Gold Eng on rim as well, all orig finish

And on inside of rim

Off comes the factory brown tinted varnish, revealing a stunning red birdseye maple back

Now for the rim


And neck

Coat of sealer makes this look like another Planet

Now for some retint on the back


The parts look better than new, and it is always a pleasure to install plating that is done by an experienced plater that also loves banjos.
Please write to Ron Satterfield on all your plating needs


Rim assembled on clear head
Out of stock on Renaissance
Mute assembled and held in by dowel for now

Buttons reinstalled

Still adding finish to the  remaining wood


Pulling old wire while protecting from wood chipping

New 147 StewMac wire installed, leveling

Recrowned, now doing the ends and 0000 wool

All oiled up and ready to rumble

I opted out of binding change, there is very little "Land" on this neck and it would be too hard to try and cut new channel, its OK as it is

As usual with Birdseye, the pockmarks suck  in lacquer for days, no matter the sealer used.
After a wetsanding they are easy to see, little depressions that must be "Drop filled" then leveled before adding final coats

A few times of this and I will go forward

Down to final 1200 wet sand

Then 2 stage compound and after that, back to the machine buff for final polish

Inside retreated with "Gold plate" enamel

After I buff the neck I will assemble
I have located a mute pedal in CA, and it is on the way here and then to plater.


A little entertainment makes the wee hours go by in good fashion
Johnny Baier , at the Eureka Springs 2012 show.
Thanks to Alice and Ray Jaworski for filming the events.
Where would we be without them as far as historical records.
Everyone that cant go should buy all the shows and support them in thier efforts!

Next to Tyler Jackson's newest tenor that is in process

Reso flange attached, ready to string up

Head and strings brought to tension

Preferred gauges

New Orleans Krewe just a gettin it in the background

I will let it settle in and tweak it before the mute handle gets here from the plater.

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