Factory Floorsweep

11-3/4 30 bracket Deluxe rim
Vegaphone Professional neck with matching numbers and LONG dowel
23" scale (Gives near to center bridge placement)
Resonator missing, shows signs of original attachment
Planet Tuners, Pearl Buttons

Will restore 23" scale Deluxe tenor neck (Shown at left) and re-use original dowel to make the banjo into a real Deluxe
Paint work on the neck appears to be Vega colors of the early 40s
They built many banjos in this era with "off the shelf" parts
I cannot recall ever seeing a 30 bracket Professional, only Deluxe Resonatored Models
The long dowel with Vegaphone Professional markings is what makes it bona fide IMHO.




Long heel cap

Original tailpiece, replated

Rene'e Karnes
Rescue CA.

Rene'e helped me out on this job by dressing up the old Deluxe neck with new inlay engraving where needed, replace broken inlay and binding, dressed fingerboard and polished to high shine.
She also did a binding job and abalone trim on the small rim in the picture for another Deluxe.
It will be great getting this fine work all fretted and finished and back on the banjo.
You can Visit Renee's website here



That's some fine work, now I hope I don't screw it up putting mine on top of it!

Will blacken the overlay next

Tint added and clear being applied


Will clean and strip old finish from rim and brass lacquer from the hardware

One taped in, We may never know why!

You can see this is not plating, it is brass instrument Lacquer
I have the same stuff, it basically never changes
Its what Trumpets and Sax's, etc., wear over either raw brass or plated brass

Ready to fine wool, and then Acetone wash

Washing off the old stuff, notice its color

One MOP button has a big chip, Ill see if TD has one to use or if I need to replace it

All cleaned

Nikolas, since the 1800's...
This is old school acetyl based lacquer that bites onto metal.
You can see the tinge is the same as on the rag, what was wiped off.

3 coats, a nice golden tinge again

Starting to finish the rim

Dead soldier
Its about every 300 Vega shoe band screws, that one decides to give up the ghost.
I know all the tricks not to break them going in and out but if someone has stressed them in the past, its a crap shoot

I'll make a new one

New brass screw, extraction successful on the old dutchman

Screw cut down and head made flat, it will do the job and its hidden anyway


3 coats of the Nikolas
Its not plating, but its clean and as it ages it will be more golden


Ready to fret and install dowel

Stew Mac #147 wire will be used

I will only need a slight leveling on this nice flat board

Taking the edges off, with my Grandfather's fret  end file.
It is all I have ever used on any fret jog edge filing and it never dulls.

Recrowning, diamond file

Edge rounding file, with a burr removal side
A must have, for smooth ends

1200 grit polish, then 0000 fine wool

Behlen's Hide glue for the dowel, overnight set

Neck attached, but not tight for now, checking fit with dowel glued AOK

Adding new Vintage button

Now I will buff only the buttons on my big buffer, they will all SHINE like new

This neck is made different than the orig and fingerboard is shorter, doesn't touch hoop
I'll make up that with  a black shim wood and that will keep it flush

All tightened up OK
Now I will flip it and polish the fingerboard, frets and string her on up