Ray's Ome Mogul Tenor

Check playing issues
Lack of tone, etc.


First Issue
Tone ring bearing edge is higher than the plane of the neck
Neck set will be checked.

Design factor
Air gap from bottom of rim to bottom of resonator is more than 3/8"
On some banjos you will see a more "hollow" tone when the gap gets bigger.
Head is medium tight
Action is too high on both ends

Neck has VG relief, that is not its issue

Nothing amiss inside the rim.
 Lets talk about the tone ring
Nice fat head bearing on the top side, drilled on the inside
Sort of a Silver Bell styling , a stamped, not cast ring.

Why you would drill it, and then close it off with the wood from the inside is OME's business.
But this is not mainstream thought, the top of the rim should be lathed down, if the holes are to affect the air movement at all.

Not much force on the tailpiece, that is not even 10 degrees of string angle
Need more force to the head.

Dis assembly-Repairs

I do have the clearance to come up without cutting the heel relief any deeper.

Blurry, but attempting to show 3 things here.
1, The lags cannot be moved downward to achieve the result, is is already very close to heel cap, making it a weak design.
2. if I move up at all it will dive a bit into the tone ring, so I will only be able to plug and re-drill existing hole, and rise the neck to where the top lag is just under the tone ring and scallop a half circle in the ring.
Will await approval.

That at least will get it to where the plane of the fingerboard is slightly above, or equal to the plane of the tone ring bearing apex.

Frets are in decent shape, but are not seated properly and have ends rising on a few of them.

I will remove them, clean the slots to proper depth, and re-install Stew Mac 147 wire with compression, over the binding

Buffing and waxing, after cleaning residue from carvings

Checking the truss before fret leveling.
If you level a neck that was straight under tension, there is a good chance it will be in a back bow after tension is released, as was the case here.
This will give you a bad leveling result, you must start your level with neck pane as flat as possible.
It had nothing at all on it, just spinning freely both ways.
I will snug it up after the leveling

Neck elevation

Filling holes with 1/4 dowel, and gluing into place

After re-drill, I am adding brass sleeves for a near zero clearance on the lags, to impede wobble over time.

Checking the fit
Since this is upside down, you can see how far up we moved.
Barely got into the tone ring

Nice elevation , flat,.... success.

2 nuts were not OME, I used 2 OME that are open ended but look closer

Strung to pitch on DR's provided by
High in the nut.

Someone shimmed it with a full shim, will only need to shim Bass side a little

All slots cut to gauge, trying bridges

Machine buffed and waxed

It likes a 1/2" bridge, not the 9/16 for my style setup
If it has to be 9/16 for owner, shimming is required
Plenty of downforce on 1/2", which is 8/16ths"
Will send it home with this, and its 9/16"

Nice and clear tone, peppy, good to me ear and what  would expect from a flat head Mogul.

Ray decided it was best for it to move on so that others could enjoy it and let it go to a new home.
I hope it is enjoyed and played often.
Thanks for watching