R.  Dobo's
Paramount  Leader Tenor


Instrument in good near orig condition that would benefit from restoration
Some neck relief with fingerboard wear , orig worn frets

Non original tailpiece, needs a fliptop or something with downforce.

Missing a piece of inlay

Peghead MOP good

Orig Page tuners in good cond.

Early Pat Pend Page's

Orig finish checked, some wood needs  crack sealing

late neck adjuster, no heel crack, that's rare.
Most times they were cranked until they broke the heel.

Moderately heavy divots.
Most cost effective, leave alone and play it on new frets.
Next, fill them and level
Thirdly, pull inlay and redo board, not at all cost effective on this model.

Dowel is set OK, fair angle

This head qualifies as the hardest ever to remove from a Para.
Had top take rim shell off and it is still at full tension

 30 min of banging it off with a hammer and wood block, unbelievable.
Will speak with Mr D about where all he wants to take it as far as resto.

Original thin fret wire pulled.
I will seal the slots and make them sized for modern Stew Mac 147 wire

Plating ready to go to ACME for gold.
Looks like I will get in one more job with them. :)....:(

A section of missing marquetry, I may have some from another Para in my junk bag.

Stripping the many layers of old finishes from the wood.

Adding in some basswood that I can dye to match the walnut trim thats missing
All resonator repairs are completed and it is taking on clear coats with the rim.


A coat of sealer after stripping and I'll work on the fingerboard now.

The missing MOP pieces have been created using #20 Cyano in white.
This is high mag , so under strings in regular viewing it will be barely discernable

Last coat of clear on neck, wood is ready to cure and wetsand/buff.

Overlay cleaned and I'm starting to darken the lines again


It's sad that I'm losing a great plater.
They always gave good service and attention to detail.
Thanks again Bob and Priscilla , for working with us extra hard on this one.


Since the stanchions were also gold plated I am making the inside of the rim top black to make them pop when a clear head is installed.
The light area in between is next.
You cannot get the visual effect on a plain maple rim top

After installing stanchions and rim skirt, I am gently straightening them

Arch ring installed, now for the flange

You never plate the aluminum retainer ring.

That looks spiffy.

Will stop here and cover it up until head is selected and arrives.

For a company that was closing its doors after 40 yrs, and finishing up with our job looking like this is a testament to how they stayed in biz all that time.

Adding back in the action adjuster.


 The only device that can snap a heel in half faster than this, is a Weymann neck adjuster.
These 90 yr old Rosewood necks will snap with just a sideways tap, it is dry to the bone and linear grained.
Even without the adjuster they can snap easily.

If you are trying to change neck angle to run a different bridge, you better loosen all of your neck hardware.

You will hear a sickening crack if not.

That is the sound of money leaving your wallet.

Neck buffed, and head arrives from Mike Amato,
Mike stocks these odd heads that no one carries anymore so please give him a look, great guy, good source for banjo parts.

Re-spring and adding washers as needed, some were oddball.

Buttons were non matching so I came up with a beautiful Lemon Ivoroid set from the stash, and they really look cool on there.

Ready to string

Remo head and DR strings (U.S.A. made) furnished by

Wet sanding to 2000 grit

After 1st Machine buff, starting to reflect good

New felt

Hardware attached



I use mini tie straps to hold the resonator clips secure on Paramount
I have fixed many broken resonators that come off without warning
I always put a few extra in the case, so don't blame me.

Bend them in a J, so they will span the two holes

Pull tight and snip
Then when you want in there you cut them and add new ones.

I will let it set up a few days and tweak the setup while it settles in.


Sounds nice and clear like a Paramount.
Thanks for watching, and I hope Bob finds it to his liking