Cousin Eddie Mondello's
PB- 100 neck for TB-150


First the "WAY BACK" machine...
Eddie is the son of my Great Uncle Victor Mondello

(Banjoist on left)

Shown here in a Vega Ad

Uncle Vic and my Grandfather Frank were both prominent Tenor Banjoist in the Boston area  basically from around
1910 to the 1960s

(My Granpa Frank, on 6 string banjo in this pic)

My Father and Eddie grew up knowing each other, my dad was a few years his senior.

(My grandfather Frank Mondello is to the left of the young boy, who is my Father.. Buster Mondello)
That is my Grandfathers Stromberg Deluxe by my Dad's Slingerland Maybell

 Eddie still has Uncle Vic's Stromberg Deluxe and I envy him for it

Eddie and the TB 150 in the early years

I don't think there is an instrument that Eddie cannot play.
He surely had the Mondello gift of the Muse, and carried on all thru his life singing and playing, loving to travel and always see new places.

The Stromberg getting a workout here.
Being Italian, Im sure he still has this suit!

I rest my case!

Playing with some friends down in the Florida Keys


Eddies old 150 tenor neck has seen too many battles so I found a neck thru a good friend of mine that can get him up and running so that I can overlook his other neck and see about saving it.
This will be plectrum, not tenor so he will get a little more register at  the top of the scale
Not quite as fancy and with just as many miles, its a real players neck as you will see.

It has a bad lag bolt, a missing lag bolt a repaired heel, worn out frets and some divots in the board, normal player  stuff...

This one can be heated and removed, its just glued tight with stripped threads

These guitar tuners will not be going with it, I need them for another project
The Gibson Logo can be saved on this one, that's just some sticker goo I can get off with Naphtha

Worn finish will be replaced


All removed, ready to level divots

120 grit to start

This shows where Im starting

I took about 3/4s of them out, no need to go flatter

Reslotting to tang depth

Light coat of oil, not down into the slots, Im starting the revitalization of the redwood

Hammered in over the heel, comfortable fret wire

Compressed up the neck, ready to trim

Removal of old finish

Detailing the black face

Shot a coat of clear, all is well..except that factory truss screw drilling by another "Cockeyed  Joe" working at the Gibson plant!
Close is only good in Horseshoes, we cannot get away with that stuff on Custom builds,

The heel was repaired with wooden dowel and is stable, I will do a little to make it back to a better profile before I shade it
That crescent is an old clamp mark


I had some used lags I chased threads on, and installed them
Shading and first sealer coat curing, I have it on the run now.

After a slight leveling, recrowning


Working the ends

All nice, good to go

Final coats going on now

  That will be it, now back to my cousin so he can make good use of them
Thanks for watching,