3 10-12


Frets, Repair cracked 150 heel
Expedited job, musician out of work!


Pulling old frets

Ready to level board a bit

Deepening slots

Compression fretting

StewMac 147 wire, standard modern banjo wire

Sealing in new wire

Smoothing the edges

Recrowning after leveling

TB 150

I will pull the binding to see what the fingerboard glue line looks like


This fingerboard has not been removed by another luthier as thought, there is no extra wood added underneath it either, that is merely the neck and the fingerboard, nothing between it, no glue line showing other than factory installation
The binding was pulled once and poorly reinstalled

Again there is no visual evidence here of an extra lamination or fingerboard removal.
if someone did it they hid every sign that I am used to seeing so I do not believe the story, no one is that good

The neck was refretted to to the top of the 7th fret block and then the old wire was leveled all the rest of the way down the board to match the new wire and this runied all the other wire

Another indicator of no additional laminate is that you can still see the truss rod cavity is showing its original /4" maple laminate that covers only the truss cavity.

I need to level this board a bit to try and get a better platform for refret
There will be no fingerboard removal

Deepening the slots


There is one choice for me in this instance, and that is to span the crack brought on from excerssive truss rod tightening.
I will do this by locating the bottom of the truss cavity and drilling 3 holes into the neck and thru the neck to the other side, making a hole to drive hardwood dowels into to stabilze the cracked area

This is under the rod itself so should stabilize the crack but not lock down the truss rod

The thrid one is in now

All sanded to profile

reinstalling the binding and making a better smoother neck edge profile

All the bad finish off the back of the neck, I will fade back in the heel and peghead to leave that vintage "Checked" look on them both

Leveling the new frets and recrowning

All polished and fingerboard taking on tung oil to revitalize the rosewood, its looking better now

I took the yellowed lacquer from the inlays, scraped a bit of finish and am redying all the black area

Fade job completed, going back on with the clear

Binding are now clean and white again and properly installed

A few more coats of clear and we will be good to go
TB100 neck is next to it, now completed , buffed, waxed...and taking on tung oil as well
B and D next to it makes the 3rd fret job today, time for a break

Both necks will head back to the keys on the same day, I'll need a couple days to add finish to the 150 and that will save shipping $$
That is how we do it at banjohaven
Thanks for watching, Vinnie

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